Loktouch is an advanced electronic lock, & rechargeable key system.

LOKtouch™ is a leading manufacturer of electronic access control systems. We call them smart door locks. LOKtouch electronic door locks can be retro-fitted to replace existing locks, or installed in a new build. The LOKtouch access control system offers the best features available in Australasia. It is locally designed for New Zealand and Australia and comes with local support.

Loktouch – trusted, with 30 years experience.

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Whether you are a property manager, project manager or in another line of work, Loktouch has you covered. For property managers, we can help eliminate headaches from lost keys and track what is going on at a property. For project managers, we provide an advanced access control solution for your clients that will make make their life easier. Whatever line of work you are in, if you need access control, then you need to talk to Loktouch.