LOKtouch Wireless Access Control & Door Locks

LOKtouch electronic cylinders are retro-fitted to replace mechanical lock cylinders in existing doors, cabinets, drawers and padlocks. The LOKtouch access control system incorporates electronic keys, proximity cards and Mifare enabled mechanical keys to provide a vast range of access solutions to meet today’s ever changing requirements.

Step one
Create & Program Locks

Locks are created in LOKtouch software. Using the Program Key, program the lock information from the software to the lock.

Step two
Swap Existing Locks

Easily replace existing locks with LOKtouch Electronic Lock Cylinders.

Step 3
Create Users

Users are created in the LOKtouch Software and assigned expiry dates, validation time-frames and calendars.

Step four
Create Timezones

Set up different timezones to suit the requirements of your users; i.e. business hours, weekend access, etc.

Step five
Set Access Permissions

Allocate which locks can be accessed by each user and in what timezones.

Step six
Program Keys

Program the User Keys with the Access Permissions from the LOKtouch Software. Distribute the keys assigned to each user.

Step seven - final step
Collect & Review Audit

You can use the LOKtouch Client Software to collect & review the audit trail. You can also have this managed for you by your LOKtouch Dealer.

Product Range

Combine both security and convenience at the turn of a Smart Key

The unique Near field Communication ( NFC ) applied to the Electronic Cylinder Series of products allows for full Access Control without the need for expensive and difficult hard wiring of electric locks.
The LOKtouch Electronic Cylinder Series contains a vast range of Commercial Cylinders, Cam Locks and Padlocks suitable to harsh environments which allows Access Control to go beyond the limits of physically wired systems.

key features
  • Fast & Easy to Install

  • Flexible Access

  • Audit Control

  • Blacklist Capabilities

  • Powerful Software Options


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Loktouch E-Cylinder series of access control systems
Contactless access control system

Combining both Security and Convenience in a single door handle, the smart yet simple design removes any need for expensive hard wiring of electric locks and utilizes standard mortice hardware to allow installation to be completed on existing locks which will ensure a cost effective solution to full access control. A great option for a door entry system.

key features
  • Fast & Easy to Install

  • RFID & NFC Technology

  • Smartphone APP

  • Wireless

  • Powerful Software Options


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WAVbi E-Handle series of smart door locks
LOKtouch Range of Mechanical restricted keys, cylinders and locks

Our range of Restricted Keying Systems include multi broach barrels and Multi broach keys allowing a vast range of possible keying combinations. The LOKtouch mechanical key series is manufactured using Cupronickle key blanks to ensure a quality fit every time and come in a range of head shapes including plastic mould finishing.

key features
  • Fast & Easy to Install

  • Multi broach options

  • Vast range of barrels

  • Anti pick, Anti drill and Anti bump designs


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Mechanical Keying systems
Ex-factory supply of secure Locking Systems

LOKtouch Ltd designs and supplies a range of ex-factory cylinders and padlocks ensuring you get the best quality at the right price. Our range of products include master keyed cylinders for project work, bulk supply padlocks and a range of un-assembled cylinders for locksmiths.

key features
  • Bulk supply

  • Design and Build Master Key Systems

  • Restricted keyway supply

  • Own Branded Products


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Mechanical Locking systems