Smart Key Access Control

Electronic Cylinder Series

Smart Key Access Control

Electronic Cylinder Series

Smart Key Access Control

Electronic Cylinder Series

LOKtouchTM Electronic Cylinder Series combines both security and convenience at the turn of a Smart Key. The unique Near field Communication ( NFC ) applied to the Electronic Cylinder Series of products allows for full Access Control without the need for expensive and difficult hard wiring of electric locks. This system shares your access permissions between the Electronic Cylinder and Electronic Key components via secure encrypted NFC data transfer and it is this that allows you to manage a simple yet powerful auditable access control system.

The LOKtouchTM Electronic Cylinder Smart Key technology is designed for easy installation of standard dimension cylinders reducing the setup costs and is fully expandable to areas seen as difficult to other access control systems. The LOKtouchTM Electronic Cylinder Series contains a vast range of Commercial Cylinders, Cam Locks and Pad Locks suitable to harsh environments which allows Access Control to go beyond the limits of physically wired systems.

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Smart Keys

Full Audit Trail

Audit Trail

Each Key stores the last 3000 access
events, which are retrieved when the key
is re-authorised. Audit reporting is also
available to track all access attempts
Key Expiry Capabilities

Key Expiry

A lost or stolen Key’s permissions will expire
from the system. Also, it can be blacklisted
in specific locks
Smart Key Access Control Features

Smart Key Features

– Smallest Electronic Key of its type
– Hard wearing stainless steel tip
– Sealed waterproof electronics
– Battery life up to 50,000 openings

Date / Time Access Control

User Access Permissions can be set to allow
access on certain days and times,
including holidays and weekends

Electronic Cylinders

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Swap existing Mechanical Cylinders for
LOKtouch Electronic Cylinders
No Battery Cylinders

No Batteries

LOKtouch cylinders are powered by the Key,
eliminating the need for batteries or wires

Widely Compatible


Compatible with all popular lock cylinders
for Australia and New Zealand
Full Audit Trail

Audit Trail

Each Cylinder retains current access

Access Control Software

Access Control Software
Access Control Permissions

Modify User Permissions

User Access Permissions can be edited
and updated as required
Access Control Date / Time

Date / Time Access Control

Set Access Permissions for Users, based on
daily or calendar requirements
Access Control Users

Add / Delete Users

easy to add, delete and / or replace any user
or lock without the need for a service call
Full Audit Trail

Full Audit Trail

View full audit trails, which are automatically
retrieved from the key, or can be manually
retrieved from the lock
Access Control Software
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Product Range

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