Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick, Anti-Drill

AXcess is the new intelligent keying solution developed by LOKtouch and supported by the Master Locksmiths Association ( MLA ), consisting of two unique access options for electromechanical door locking systems, as well as providing easy access control in conjunction with existing mechanical locking systems. AXcess utilises proximity sensor technology to initiate the transfer of information from either the AXcess Card or the AXcess Smart Key to provide full access control and auditing for a home or business.

key features
  • Uses RFID & NFC technology in conjunction with a LOKtouch door manager unit

  • Available as Card or as Smart Key

  • Smart Key comes with MLA or LOKtouch branded proximity domes

  • Provides full card validation, access privileges and online / offline audit retrieval

  • Smartphone Portable Programming Unit ( PPU ) allows for real-time system protocol updating using either a LOKtouch PPU or your own Android device

  • Smart Key utilizes the new MLA profile, available with proximity dome or standard dome

  • Extensive range of cylinders to suit the Australian & New Zealand market

  • Multi-broach key blanks and barrels