The access control solution for any application

LOKtouch™ Commercial has your options covered

Regardless of the size of your commercial operation we have a solution for you and can provide standalone or networkable access control systems with user friendly custom made software. Our electronic door lock solutions include both electronic locking handles unitizing Mifare card credentials and Electronic key operated cylinders.

  • Office Buildings

  • Shopping Centres

  • Banks

  • Server Rooms

  • Hotels & Apartments


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Industrial – LOKtouch™ built tough to handle any location

LOKtouch™ combines Near Field Communication (NFC) and Low Consumption Bluetooth to power a range of industrial strength electronic padlocks and cylinders and electronic keys ensuring that your site is secure. The E-Cylinder series contains a vast range of Commercial cylinders, Cam locks and Padlocks suitable to harsh environments which allows access control to go beyond the limits of physically wired systems.

  • Office / Warehouses

  • Industrial Property

  • Storage Units / Garages

  • Data Centres

  • Power Plants


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Transport – LOKtouch™ designed to be on the move

LOKtouch™ has a unique design with allows access control to reach beyond physical wires. The range of products ensure your remote locations and mobile equipment can reach the level of security that hardwired systems currently enjoy. The LOKtouch™ E-Cylinder series of locks are powered by electronic keys with no need for physical wires or batteries, ensuring access control can be achieved in the most difficult of locations.

  • Airport Terminals

  • Train, Metro and Bus Stations

  • Parking Garage

  • Distribution Centres


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Education – LOKtouch™ is moving with this rapidly developing sector

LOKtouch™ access control products are ideally suited to keep up with the rapidly developing education sector. The E-cylinder range of cylinders can be easily adapted to suit existing door hardware making it an ideal solution to adding access control to current locations. With LOktouch™ providing a quick and simplistic solution to changing access permissions to key holders, then catering for regular class location changes is completed at the click of a button.

  • Schools

  • Universities

  • Boarding Schools

  • Libraries

  • Kindergartens


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Healthcare – WAVbi™ provides smart clean solutions

With a range of contactless access control solutions the WAVbi card operated E-handle series is ideally suited to the Healthcare industry. The WAVbi series provides for small and large organisations to adapt to clean contactless single action access control system all controlled by smart yet simple software.

  • Hospitals & Clinics

  • Nursing Homes

  • Group Housing

  • Doctor / Dentists Offices


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Leisure & Entertainment – LOKtouch™ keeps pace with social habits

LOKtouch™ has designed a range of products that ensure physical locking security is a priority while combining modern electronic features to ensure that it has a solution for both large and small operators of the ever evolving leisure and entertainment industry. All products provide quick and easy options for adding and deleting users while providing detailed audit reports to ensure you have full control of your system.

  • Restaurants / Cafes

  • Hotels / Motels

  • Sporting Grounds & Facilities

  • Fitness Centres / Gyms


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